Surgical Interventions

Surgical Interventions

The one-day surgical interventions provided by Kistelek are effective, safe and quick solutions for several disorders in the fields of surgery, traumatology, orthopedic surgery, plastic/cosmetic surgery, hand surgery, urology, oto-rhino-laryngology and ophthalmology. These procedures are carried out under local or general anesthesia. Our one-day surgeries arranged by special fields are:



  • ankle/knee arthroscopy
  • bunion (hallux valgus) operations
  • hammer toe operations
  • ganglion removal from the ankle region
  • surgical treatment of other foot deformities
  • removal of metal implants

Hand Surgery:

  • ganglion removal procedures
  • surgical management of Dupuytren's contracture
  • surgical management of nerve compression syndromes
  • surgical management of trigger finger (digitus saltans)
  • surgical management of wrist tenosynovitis
  • surgical management and stitching of minor bone disorders


  • surgical repair of inguinal hernia with or without mesh implantation
  • surgical repair of umbilical (belly-button) hernia with or without mesh implantation
  • surgical repair of abdominal wall hernia with or without mesh implantation
  • surgeries for varicose veins
  • surgeries for haemorrhoids (piles)
  • minor surgeries on breasts
  • surgical removal of lipomas, naevi (birthmarks) and minor skin lesions


  • nasal septum deviation surgeries
  • nasal polyp surgeries
  • turbinate surgeries
  • endoscopic nasal sinus surgeries


  • surgical repair of hydrocele
  • transurethral microwave thermotherapy for prostate
  • circumcision
  • phimosis surgeries


  • cataract surgeries
  • eyelid (palpebral) surgeries
  • ambulatory ophthalmic surgeries

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery:

  • eyelid plastic surgeries (blepharoplasty) under local anesthetic
  • ear plastic surgeries (otoplasty) under local anesthetic
  • nose plastic surgeries (rhinoplasty) under general anesthetic (narcosis)
  • face plastic surgeries under local anesthetic
  • breast enlargement under general anesthetic (narcosis)
  • breast plastic operations under general anesthetic (narcosis)