5. march 2020.

Dear Our Patients, and Costumers,

We, the MEDITEAM SZEGED Ltd., and the MediCenter Outpatient Clinic and it’s personal consider Your health and the health of Your relatives as priority.
We are continuously monitoring and updating the actual evolution of the different diseases, and epidemics. We are in contact with foreign affairs organisations as well as with the Hungarian authorities, and we do every necessary hygienic and protective measures to avoid diseases and infections.
There is no reason for panicking! But we are concerned about the present situation that we can resolve together by medically proven preventive methods and by sincere communication.
According to the actual protocols of the Hungarian National Public Health Centre we kindly ask for your cooperation as follows:

- In case of abrupt onset of respiratory tract symptoms accompanied by
• fever higher than 38 °C
• shortness of breath, difficult breathing
• coughing
- 14 days before the appearance of your symptoms you had a close contact with a person diagnosed with a confirmed or probable new coronavirus infection
-  you visited a place where the community spread of the new coronavirus is suspectable,

you will need peculiar medical vigilance and follow-up!

For all of this, please stay at home and call your family doctor who will take care of your case according to the appropriate medical protocols.

Further useful and updated information is available on, or you may call the following free telephone numbers:

Respectfully and with maximal social responsibility:

Dr. Nagy Zoltán Zsolt
Chairman, General director 


6722 Szeged, Petőfi S. Sgt. 39.



+3662 558 888
+36 (30) 44-51-368